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A wooden fence next to a tree

Quality Fencing Services For Homes And Businesses In Broadstairs And Beyond

At Fillery Fencing & Property Maintenance Ltd, we offer exceptional fencing services to the people and businesses of Broadstairs, throughout Thanet and across Kent. We provide various fencing options, such as lap panels, close board panels, lattice panels, York arches, and more, to suit different styles and needs. Our experienced team can install, repair, and maintain various types of fencing for domestic and commercial purposes. We can even help you with security fencing. Please contact us to spruce up your outdoor space with our superior-quality fencing solutions.

Types Of Fences We Provide

We offer various types of fencing solutions such as:

Fence made of lap panels

Lap Panels

Kent lap panels are pressure-treated for added durability. These panels have the same front and back view and three buttons on either side. They are a popular choice due to their traditional design and are available in various heights and widths to suit any garden or commercial outdoor space.

Close Board Panels

Close board panels consist of vertical feather-edge boards that overlap, forming a heavy-duty structure that provides strength and security. They are essential for durability, particularly in harsh weather conditions.

A close-boarded fence panels
Fence designed with the help of lattice panels

Lattice Panels 

Lattice fence panels are a durable and decorative option that can create an attractive border and provide additional privacy in a garden. These panels are usually constructed with a criss-cross pattern at the top, which can serve as a decorative feature while allowing sunlight to pass through. The lattice pattern can also be used to support climbing plants, making it a versatile and practical choice for any garden.

York Arch

These panels are both long-lasting and fancy, featuring herringbone joints and screws for added stability. They are the perfect addition to any garden, offering functionality and style.

Oxford Flat

This fencing panel is built with horizontal panels, creating a durable, high-quality finish.


Venetian fence panels are modern-style fencing panels with horizontal slats. They are designed to create a seamless line of fencing without visible posts, which makes them unsuitable for slotted posts. In addition, you can use shorter panels as a topper to increase the height and privacy of your existing fence.

A close-up view of venetian fence
A fence made of slatted panels

Slatted Panel

A horizontal slatted fence is a type of fence that uses timber boards or planks fixed onto a supporting frame with gaps between them. This design allows for some visibility through the fence. The boards can be arranged in equal spacing or a pattern.

TGV Panel

TGV panels offer a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. Their smooth finish and durable materials make them a quality privacy fencing option.

A close-up view of TGV panels

Refine Your Thanet Property With Quality Fencing Services. Call Us On 07391 895592 For A Project Discussion.

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